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hurley thurston

R+F Independent Consultant

My favorite products:
REVERSE Brightening Regimen for the Appearance of Skin Dullness, Discoloration and Uneven Skin Tone and
ENHANCEMENTS Mineral Peptides Broad Spectrum SPF 20 with Brush

your consultant

My Story

~I am not a make up person; these regimens focus on my SKIN.

~I trust the doctors who created the original Proactiv formula       and these four advanced formulas for R+F.

~I have a group of nurses to answer any of my skin questions.

~Products are delivered WHEN I want and WHERE I want.

~As a preferred customer, I get free shipping and 10% off.

~Every order has a 60 day, money back/exchange guarantee.

~Each all-inclusive regimen has my wash, toner**, treatment         and sunscreen relevant to my skin concern. 

~The regimen steps are easy and NUMBERED; no complicated options to choose from.

~I can tackle adult acne, sensitive skin, various dark spots and signs of aging at HOME with advice from real, practicing, Stanford trained Dermatologists.

~Products are FDA approved.

~          the right ingredients

+ the right formulation

+ the right order

= Multi-Med® Therapy

    Please use my website to learn more about the skin healing products, the amazing doctors and to find your own skin's regimen needs by using our personalized Solutions Tool. Contact me to get 10% off EVERYTHING, get free shipping and get you the skin you deserve.   

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